Article 86 – Representation

  1. Without prejudice to Directive (EU) 2020/1828 or to any other type of representation under national law, recipients of intermediary services shall at least have the right to mandate a body, organisation or association to exercise the rights conferred by this Regulation on their behalf, provided the body, organisation or association meets all of the following conditions:
    1. it operates on a not-for-profit basis;
    2. it has been properly constituted in accordance with the law of a Member State;
    3. its statutory objectives include a legitimate interest in ensuring that this Regulation is complied with.
  2. Providers of online platforms shall take the necessary technical and organisational measures to ensure that complaints submitted by bodies, organisations or associations referred to in paragraph 1 of this Article on behalf of recipients of the service through the mechanisms referred to in Article 20(1) are processed and decided upon with priority and without undue delay.