Article 25 – Online interface design and organisation

  1. Providers of online platforms shall not design, organise or operate their online interfaces in a way that deceives or manipulates the recipients of their service or in a way that otherwise materially distorts or impairs the ability of the recipients of their service to make free and informed decisions.
  2. The prohibition in paragraph 1 shall not apply to practices covered by Directive 2005/29/EC or Regulation (EU) 2016/679.
  3. The Commission may issue guidelines on how paragraph 1 applies to specific practices, notably:
    1. giving more prominence to certain choices when asking the recipient of the service for a decision;
    2. repeatedly requesting that the recipient of the service make a choice where that choice has already been made, especially by presenting pop-ups that interfere with the user experience;
    3. making the procedure for terminating a service more difficult than subscribing to it.