Recital 20

Furthermore, in order to preserve fair competition and the open market economy it is of the utmost importance to safeguard protected data of non-personal nature, in particular trade secrets, but also non-personal data representing content protected by intellectual property rights from unlawful access that may lead to intellectual property theft or industrial espionage. In order to ensure the protection of the rights or interests of data holders, it should be possible to transfer non-personal data which is to be protected from unlawful or unauthorised access in accordance with Union or national law and which is held by public sector bodies to third countries, but only where appropriate safeguards for the use of data are provided. Such appropriate safeguards should include a requirement that the public sector body transmit protected data to a re-user only if that re-user makes contractual commitments in the interest of the protection of the data. A re-user that intends to transfer the protected data to a third country should comply with the obligations laid down in this Regulation even after the data has been transferred to the third country. To ensure the proper enforcement of such obligations, the re-user should also accept the jurisdiction of the Member State of the public sector body that allowed the re-use for the judicial settlement of disputes.