Recital 19

Undertakings and data subjects should be able to have confidence in the fact that the re-use of certain categories of protected data which are held by the public sector bodies will take place in a manner that respects their rights and interests. Additional safeguards should therefore be put in place for situations in which the re-use of such public sector data takes place on the basis of a processing of the data outside the public sector, such as a requirement that public sector bodies ensure that the rights and interests of natural and legal persons are fully protected, in particular with regard to personal data, commercially sensitive data and intellectual property rights, in all cases, including where such data is transferred to third countries. Public sector bodies should not allow the re-use of information stored in e-health applications by insurance undertakings or any other service provider for the purpose of discriminating in the setting of prices, as this would run counter to the fundamental right of access to health.