Article 6 – Fees

  1. Public sector bodies which allow re-use of the categories of data referred to in Article 3(1) may charge fees for allowing the re-use of such data.
  2. Any fees charged pursuant to paragraph 1 shall be transparent, non-discriminatory, proportionate and objectively justified and shall not restrict competition.
  3. Public sector bodies shall ensure that any fees can also be paid online through widely available cross-border payment services, without discrimination based on the place of establishment of the payment service provider, the place of issue of the payment instrument or the location of the payment account within the Union.
  4. Where public sector bodies charge fees, they shall take measures to provide incentives for the re-use of the categories of data referred to in Article 3(1) for non-commercial purposes, such as scientific research purposes, and by SMEs and start-ups in accordance with State aid rules. In that regard, public sector bodies may also make the data available at a discounted fee or free of charge, in particular to SMEs and start-ups, civil society and educational establishments. To that end, public sector bodies may establish a list of categories of re-users to which data for re-use is made available at a discounted fee or free of charge. That list, together with the criteria used to establish it, shall be made public.
  5. Any fees shall be derived from the costs related to conducting the procedure for requests for the re-use of the categories of data referred to in Article 3(1) and limited to the necessary costs in relation to:
    1. the reproduction, provision and dissemination of data;
    2. the clearance of rights;
    3. anonymisation or other forms of preparation of personal data and commercially confidential data as provided for in Article 5(3);
    4. the maintenance of the secure processing environment;
    5. the acquisition of the right to allow re-use in accordance with this Chapter by third parties outside the public sector; and
    6. assisting re-users in seeking consent from data subjects and permission from data holders whose rights and interests may be affected by such re-use.
  6. The criteria and methodology for calculating fees shall be laid down by the Member States and published. The public sector body shall publish a description of the main categories of costs and the rules used for the allocation of costs.