Recital 54

The European Data Innovation Board should assist the Commission in coordinating national practices and policies on the topics covered by this Regulation, and in supporting cross-sector data use by adhering to the European Interoperability Framework principles and through the use of European and international standards and specifications, including through the EU Multi-Stakeholder Platform for ICT Standardisation, the Core Vocabularies and the CEF Building Blocks, and should take into account standardisation work taking place in specific sectors or domains. Work on technical standardisation could include the identification of priorities for the development of standards and establishing and maintaining a set of technical and legal standards for transmitting data between two processing environments that allows data spaces to be organised, in particular clarifying and distinguishing which standards and practices are cross-sectoral and which are sectoral. The European Data Innovation Board should cooperate with sectoral bodies, networks or expert groups, or other cross-sectoral organisations dealing with the re-use of data. Regarding data altruism, the European Data Innovation Board should assist the Commission in the development of the data altruism consent form, after consulting the European Data Protection Board. By proposing guidelines on common European data spaces, the European Data Innovation Board should support the development of a functioning European data economy on the basis of those data spaces, as set out in the European strategy for data.