Recital 52

To promote trust and bring additional legal certainty and user-friendliness to the process of granting and withdrawing consent, in particular in the context of scientific research and statistical use of data made available on an altruistic basis, a European data altruism consent form should be developed and used in the context of altruistic data sharing. Such a form should contribute to additional transparency for data subjects that their data will be accessed and used in accordance with their consent and also in full compliance with the data protection rules. It should also facilitate the granting and withdrawing of consent and be used to streamline data altruism carried out by undertakings and provide a mechanism allowing such undertakings to withdraw their permission to use the data. In order to take into account the specificities of individual sectors, including from a data protection perspective, the European data altruism consent form should use a modular approach allowing customisation for specific sectors and for different purposes.