Recital 5

Action at Union level is necessary to increase trust in data sharing by establishing appropriate mechanisms for control by data subjects and data holders over data that relates to them, and in order to address other barriers to a well-functioning and competitive data-driven economy. That action should be without prejudice to obligations and commitments in the international trade agreements concluded by the Union. A Union-wide governance framework should have the objective of building trust among individuals and undertakings in relation to data access, control, sharing, use and re-use, in particular by establishing appropriate mechanisms for data subjects to know and meaningfully exercise their rights, as well as with regard to the re-use of certain types of data held by the public sector bodies, the provision of services by data intermediation services providers to data subjects, data holders and data users, as well as the collection and processing of data made available for altruistic purposes by natural and legal persons. In particular, more transparency regarding the purpose of data use and conditions under which data is stored by undertakings can help increase trust.