Recital 45

There is a strong potential for objectives of general interest in the use of data made available voluntarily by data subjects on the basis of their informed consent or, where it concerns non-personal data, made available by data holders. Such objectives would include healthcare, combating climate change, improving mobility, facilitating the development, production and dissemination of official statistics, improving the provision of public services, or public policy making. Support to scientific research should also be considered to be an objective of general interest. This Regulation should aim to contribute to the emergence of sufficiently-sized data pools made available on the basis of data altruism in order to enable data analytics and machine learning, including across the Union. In order to achieve that objective, Member States should be able to have in place organisational or technical arrangements, or both, which would facilitate data altruism. Such arrangements could include the availability of easily useable tools for data subjects or data holders for giving consent or permission for the altruistic use of their data, the organisation of awareness campaigns, or a structured exchange between competent authorities on how public policies, such as improving traffic, public health and combating climate change, benefit from data altruism. To that end, Member States should be able to establish national policies for data altruism. Data subjects should be able to receive compensation related only to the costs they incur when making their data available for objectives of general interest.